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Audipwr returns (CQ into ??)

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Second post is running issues list and WTB

My introduction / the Why

My first car was a 1994 Audi 90CS. It started a love affair with cars.

I later had an S4 for a brief period of time, but really it began and ended with Audis at the 90.

I have found memories of the interior / the styling / and of course of being a young kid flying around in a cool German car.

My love of cars has never stopped and Ive been fortunate to own a lot of cool cars (30?+). Recently with the sports car world gone mad I stopped with more modern sports car pursuits and decided it might be fun to try my Hand at a build.

The Car
Keeping with the styling cues of the 90, but something a bit sportier I opted to buy a 1990 Coupe Quattro. I like the lines, the interior style, the classic Audi "look"

The plan
I acknowledge what I have below is (a) ambitious, (b) wildly expensive, but its the plan so here we go

Repaint Cararra White Metallic, S2 (or rs2) front bumper, B4 hood, RS2 headlights, Euro rear bumper, Carbon b pillars, vented hood for hot side - going to need to hunt lots of NLA trim pieces to get this done

Full redo, currently beginning to gut and refurbish, stack dash, stack gauges, Porsche sport bucket seats, 034 roll bar, delete central lock, delete sunroof, cover over tan A, B, C pillars, new headliner, new radio (refurb classic or Porsche classic unit)

AAN/7a build - still working out details here, plan to run MaxxECU to drive it. Hoping Jeff Gerner will be able to build me one by time car is back together again otherwise will improvise

trans / running gear
01e rebuilt, 4k prop shaft, wavetrac (or torsen) rear diff - debating new axles from RG in Sweden

Car came with this done KW v3, Verkaline subframes and control arms, Porsche brakes, working on ordering short rack

First stop is getting everything out of the interior and starting to make sense of what can be salvaged.

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Just getting caught up...nice progress so far. Here's a video Dave did a while back where he installed the right click keyless entry.

As for part numbers, I use this site...

Audi Coupe quattro (COUQ) 1991 year Group Parts Audi USA
Thanks ☺ - update is wiring harness creation in process - built templates of the different body harnesses

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b3 cq and b4 cabriolet/90 "lip" are the same
Everyone says somethign different about that - the lip on those two fenders. I guess I will just get my CQ ones slightly rolled
It might just have been the lighting and that the fender wasn't bolted up on the bottom by the door, since that area on my car is bent up. That is probably what makes it look wider, since it is pushing the fender out. I gotta fix that soon.... and I cant wait to see your car when its finished!!!
Nice looking coupe quattro. Love it.
Keep the updates coming.
There are some good parts contacts in the facebook groups for classic audis.
Let me know if you want more details.

Hi Richard, I would like some of those details too please.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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