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B3, B4 and URS stuff

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Bad trans.
New TB kit and running engine.

I'm pulling a bunch of stuff tomorrow and hope to have the shell hauled away soon
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Well, it's pouring rain so I decided to post photos of a bunch of what is already pulled and will add the rest as I pull it...
ALL PRICES ARE WITHOUT SHIPPING - I will use flat rate USPS boxes...

AAN Stage 1 034 Motorsport chipset $200 - pulled when I went with the IMS K26 on my URS6 (which is awesome)
(not pictured actual size)

Black Center Console $25

Black Middle Console $25

Another Black Center console - no carpet but includes wood inserts $30

Cup Holder Inserts - Black $SOLD

12v V6 Belt Tensioner $25

Cruise Control Module $10

B4 aux gauges, harness, trim and oil pressure sensor $65

B3 Style Aux Gauges Harness only $SOLD

AUDI SPORT emblems for Sport Wheel $15 each for the two on the left (have both posts intact) $10 for the other with no posts remaining...

1995.5 Delta CC Radio and CD Changer - with Code - works perfectly $SOLD

C4 Radio Cage for fitment of larger radio $15

Relays and Dash Switches - $5 per relay, $15 per dash switch

Switch Blanks $10 (I have a couple of these)

B3 Style Trip Computer Switch $20
"reset" is fading but all is functional

Burled Wood Manual Climate Control panel $10

Burled Wood Ashtray B4 $10

Burled Wood Auto Shifter Surround $10

Old School B3 Center Console wood insert (from 88's only I believe) This has some cracking in the finish that is visible in photos... $20

Transmission Control Module $25

ABS Control Module $20

Roof Control Module $30

Gamma CC Radio with code and book $25 (works but had some crackling with the volume knob)

Outside Temperature Readout $SOLD

12v V6 Timing Belt Kit $Sold

Fog Lights $60 for the pair (will split up)

Not Pictured and make an offer...

AC Compressor
AC Condenser

Not shippable stuff...

I also have a complete Ecru interior from another 94 Cabriolet that is in pretty good shape. The drivers seat bottom has been replaced with matching vinyl (you really can't tell). These seats I'd love to not throw away.
Also have a belly pan for a B4 that I can't give away.
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Updated with some sold stuff and some new stuff. I'm getting this car out of here tomorrow
What color?
It was Emerald green until the jackass PO sprayed it black
So it's a bad black I assume
bad meaning bad - not bad meaning good
You have a PM.
Does it happen to have a non-leaking steering rack?
grillage said:
bad meaning bad - not bad meaning good
haha exactly
Fog lights are $30 each - add $10 to ship one or both
Ssanchez789 said:
Looks like B3 fog lights, $?
If they are off the Cabriolet they are the same as B4 fog lights. Have been told they will not fit a B3.

The Carl's been towed away, still have the above stuff. Everything is OBO
Added a set of B4 aux gauges above

Here's a link to a how to install writeup...
Would the C4 radio mount make it easier to install a current aftermarket head unit or is it for a different European or audi unit? My son wants to put in a head unit that has an aux jack for his ipod. thx Jan
He c4 radio cage is for a wider radio than normal. The 95.5 model S6 came with a delta CC radio which was wider than a standard radio
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