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Stock DP 1.8t-50$ plus shipping

Stock shifter with less than 50,000 miles on it. was swapped out with a JHM unit-35$ plus shipping

Stock OEM right and left motor mounts, could fit other models. 50,000 miles-50$ plus shipping

Suspension set up, 75,000 miles. Springs, struts, bump stops, strut mount bushings.-200$ plus shipping

Center lower grill and drivers side fog grill- 35$ for the center- 15$ for the fog grill- 45 for both plus shipping

Rear sway bar with bushings and brackets- in the picture it is being compared to a B3 rear sway bar from a 90 coupe.-50$ plus shipping

B5 A4 steering wheel, no air bag. 65$ plus shipping.
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