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For starters, I just read the sticky about multiple listings in one post so I hope I'm doing this right. Anyways, as the title says, I'm having a kid due in March and I am willingly selling everything I got. I'm going to need a bigger truck with more doors so my daughter doesn't have to ride in the bed of my standard cab whenever I gotta haul her around. I figured I'd start with the German engineered stuff first. Bare with me, my comic relief usually only extends and works to personal crowds so if it gets annoying, ill try harder next time.

(TL : DR My wife knocked me up now I need a bigger truck. Buy my stuff if yours lets you.)

1st 1991 Audi 90 20vQT - $4,000 OBO?

This is a 7A that I was on my way to doing standalone on! ITS STILL RUNNING ON STOCK SOFTWARE so its not entirely ready, read the whole thing!

Every single seal/gasket has been replaced on the engine, and trans. I have receipts, and pictures of the entire build from pretty much start to finish if needed.

  • Has a K24/27 Hybrid turbo. Not even 3000 miles on it. Not sure who made it, but from all the research I've done on it that's
    the conclusion i came up with. I have all inducer/exducer measurements somewhere so if you want those i can pull them up maybe you can find out exactly what it is but I know its a KKK Turbo. Might be off a Volvo or something.

  • 034 19 pound wastegate spring
  • 3B intake manifold
  • AAN injectors
  • 034 Aluminum SubFrame mounts front and rear
  • 034 Silicone hoses all around
  • 034 Fuel rail
  • 034 Freeze plug/water return for turbo (on block)
  • All of the oil/water lines were made by me using summit steel braided lines and -an end fittings.
  • Oil feed line to the turbo is Aeroquip PTFE fittings/hose
  • Aftermarket 10an oil cooler
  • eBay same-side intercooler (I was on a budget, go fast goodies before aesthetic)
  • Eibach springs and Bilstein shocks (I have to double check on the shock brand)
  • 6an fuel feed/return
  • Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
  • TiAL blow off valve
  • Custom intercooler piping
  • The exhaust was made using scraps with whatever I had lying around so...definitely recommend making a new one. The downpipe is good though that was made using 3 inch stainless steel to a 2.5 reducer/v-band.
  • AEM wideband
  • Polyurethane shifter bushing
  • Polyurethane engine/trans mount inserts in the front
  • New radiator
  • Has Corbaeu seats (they're ugly, but they're comfortable)
  • Bluetooth radio with some ancient kicker speakers (previous owner installed, they still work though)
  • Has a "Porsche" steering wheel and NRG quick release hub (pretty sure whoever had it just bought some random steering wheel and put a Porsche horn button on there. I'm not tacking on $100 to the price of the car because of it. I'd trade the wheel for a bag of Garden Salsa sun chips and a 6 pack of Stella if I was in the right mood. I just figured I'd mention its an aftermarket wheel.)
  • I removed the idle control valve (wiring for it is still there just needs plumbing) so the idle is a little finnicky on first start. You need to warm it up a tad in order for it to idle.


  • Its going to need at the very least a headspacer and a proper standalone or even a factory AAN/3B engine harness/computer to get it to even stock-ish 3B/AAN levels idk I'm no expert ill leave that up to you folks. I've driven it as-is quite a bit but never really went over 5 psi
  • Some TLC. Body is 7/10 paint is a solid 2/10 after a power wash and the right viewing angle. I was short on funds and couldn't afford an entire new paint job so plasti-dip and some careful taping it was.
  • New tires and an alignment
  • You're going to need either a priest or an electrical/mechanical engineer to figure out why the heat only works in wide open throttle. Maybe im too stupid to figure it out but every attempt at trying to fix it proved absolutely useless. I froze my ass off many winters. Enjoy.
  • I don't know what you want to make of the front bumper situation. That was a Rieger bumper that came off a B4 Passat that kinda sorta fit so I rolled with it because the interfooler was fitting behind a stock 90 bumper. (Bumper was put on years after the plasti-dip respray/turbo install)

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2nd 1980 VW Rabbit - $2,500 OBO

  • Brand new axles to fit mk1 spindles/vr6 trans
  • New brake pads, rotors and calipers
  • New drum brakes in rear
  • Polyurethane suspension all around
  • Projector headlights
  • Big duckbill front lip
  • polyurethane engine mounts
  • steering column and wiper/turn signal stalks fitted from b4 passat.(ALL ELECTRONICS FOR IT TO BE STREET LEGAL ARE FUNCTIONAL)
  • Uses b4 passat cluster
  • Shifter all hooked up and working
  • SPAL fan
  • comes with a 2.5 magnaflow muffler from my Audi pre-turbo
  • VR6 has ARP head studs, mk4 head gasket, and GIAC chip. Timing chains, tensioners, clutch and flywheel are all new.
  • Has metal crack pipe and Silicone hoses for oil cooler/crackpipe. All seals/gaskets etc. new as usual.
  • Comes with 14 inch staggered maserati bi-turbo wheels

My intention with this car was to do autocross, so I gutted the interior with the intention to run a very minimal dash and ran the fuse box in the center of the dash for easier access.

VR6 has ARP head studs, mk4 head gasket, and GIAC chip. Timing chains, tensioners, clutch and flywheel are all new.
Has metal crack pipe and Silicone hoses for oil cooler/crackpipe.


  • Fuel pump needs to be wired and fuel line to be ran (I have extra 6an hose for it from leftover from the Audi. You're going to need to buy more)
  • Water pump
  • Non AC/Non power steering belt
  • Stock oil cooler
  • Spark plugs
  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Intake pipe to be made
  • Downpipe to be made (i have a manifold to go with it, but it was cut in my attempt to make one but it will come with the car)
  • A dashboard or some kind of interior (if you plan on driving it on the street.)
  • More brain cells than me.

I'm probably mising something but text me as its way easier than answering PM's. I'll really only come on here to bump the thread.

3st 1998 Ford F-150

  • Engine (4.2 V6) completely rebuilt top to bottom, engine mounts, timing chain, gears, cam bearings, head gaskets, water pump, oil pump, fuel pump etc.
  • Transmission rebuilt by a shop out of Norcross, trans mounts and solenoids replaced as well.
  • All controls arms, bushings, tie rods, pitman arms, idler arms brake pads, rotors, shoes, drums, lines, cylinders, calipers, and hoses replaced.
  • New shocks front and rear, brand new tires.
  • Odds and end: I have a fiberglass tonneau cover to go with it. Truck has LED headlights and pioneer speakers. Has had 35% tints put in recently.
  • Essentially everything was replaced. The truck runs great, and has yet to give me any issues. Looking to sell to get a heavier duty truck and with more doors as I mentioned before, I got a baby on the way.

* The Bad *

  • Cab and rear bumper have rust. Its a 23 year old truck that spent 99.99% of its days sitting outside and half of its life in the salt belt. The frame is fine or else I wouldn't have dumped a shitload of money into suspension components etc.
  • Only part not replaced was the AC compressor (I still dont know why. I live in the south so that was pretty stupid of me.)
  • Muffler in back is leaking a little. (Sounds like a wet fart sometimes. You barely notice it.)
  • I have not had a professional alignment done. I did what I could and it seems to be okay for the most part, pulls very slightly to the left.
  • Oil gauge tends to fluctuate, more than likely an old gauge issue. I put a mechanical oil pressure gauge to get a reading on it and its within spec. Truck doesn't knock or tick when the gauge drops. The oil pump was replaced along with the sending unit when the engine was overhauled.
  • Paint overall is okay. The roof of the cab is faded but if you're a midget like me or under, you wont notice it. The entire truck still has gloss on the paint including the hood, but the hoods paint is cracked so ill give it a 6 out of 10. It was a work truck so its going to have chips/small dents etc.

Truck is daily driven so the miles will go up

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4f 1992 Suzuki Katana 600 - $2,000 OBO

Its going to need a rear tire as it has 4 nails in it. I plugged it just to move it around the garage.

As far as modifications, I went with a somewhat "cafe-racer meets the walking dead" style with it since this bike was ugly as sin from factory by todays standards. I had to un-ugly it as much as I could given that I was pretty much gifted the bike.

Comes with a Teknic leather jacket if you can fit in it...I got covid fat so I don't think im fitting into anymore.


  • Clip on bars and new levers.
  • Heat wrapped the exhaust.
  • Aftermarket mirrors on bars.
  • Chopped frame.
  • Custom fiberglass rear seat extension to house the factory taillight housing.
  • LED brake and turn signals mounted in the stock taillight housing.
  • Some random eBay muffler.
  • LED/Digital tach (mileage is less on it because I replaced it fairly recently)
  • Single Round headlight with LED
  • Both tires have less than 1000 miles its just the rear tire has nails in it. Front is perfectly fine.
  • Has new brake pads, oil was changed recently but I recommend changing it before riding.
  • AllBalls fork seals.
  • Swingarm was painted black.
  • Rear brake reservoir was relocated.
  • Gas tank was painted with plasti-dip so its peeling. Just needs a respray


  • Carbs more than likely need to be synced as the idle hangs sometimes and again you're going to need a new rear tire.
  • Recommend an oil change
  • Might need a battery if the tender can't save it, but you can hear it run if interested.

I'm only allowed 10 images so, I can't post all the pictures of everything. Sorry for the long winded shitty joke infested post.

If you want to shoot me an offer, ask for more pictures etc. text me at 201 283 Six One Two Two. I'm probably missing somethings but text me as its way easier than answering PM's. I'll really only come on here to bump the thread and read all the comments making fun of me.

PS: If anyone wants to trade their 80's/90's crew cab dually for something on this list, that's ultimately what I'm looking for.
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