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Boost Control (help)

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I am use stage IIc with 4 bar map sensor . car is audi a4 aeb 2.0 stroker GTX3071, with ext wastgate.

this week I need tune it, I think use stock N75 valve to control boost.

its work up 24-26 PSI?

pls tell me details all I am newest . wich window and wich parametrs need to corect control boost,

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The N75 can work, how much boost you are able to achieve with it and your setup depends greatly on your hardware configuration. The wastegate spring will generally determine how much peak boost you can run.

You'll typically want to tune the N75 with either GPO1 or GPO2, and we typically suggest using the basic duty cycle maps to get started (MAP vs RPM is the most common axis setup for this).

Also, your N75 plumbing isn't very clear, but from the looks of it you have the wastegate and boost source lines swapped:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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