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brakes? i want you back!

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well today in the lovely PNW, we for a cruise and a car show. my 87 sapphire 4kq was running like a champ! let the car sit for a few hours while I went on a few errands.. come back, fire her up... and brake peddle goes to the floor. booster is holding vacuum, fluid level is good. no visible leaks from the top side of the car. Bently says to check the stuff I did in the parking lot. lol! with the car turned off, peddle will pump up.. while running, take about 15 pumps to get semi ok peddle.. that fades away fast! any ideas or thought would be awesome. till then, turning wrenches in my drive way.a
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Sounds like you have a bad MC. Pump the pedal until you get a pedal back with the engine off and then press down on the pedal and hold. If it slowly goes to the floor you have a bad MC. Replace, bleed, brake :)
thanks for the info :)
now I should see if my gf will let me take her mk2 gti to work while the new MC comes in. haha
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