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Brandon's 1991 200 20v - project scoot boot

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This is going to be a fun thread. It has a good story, humor, pics, proper English (granted, informal- acceptable in this context), law-breaking, and most importantly, a sweet 200 20v (which I have collection of, lol).

You know Justin (Kliminati)? He's a UT transplant with a 200 20v Avant (body is a Franken-V8Q).

Doesn't that boost gauge cover you digital gauge? lol. who cares, it's not very accurate anyway...
You have me sold on the Avus look for the 200!
wow. great thread already.
car is immaculate.
whats that little red tube to the intake?
youre crazy about the sound, put a REAL turbo back exhaust on there and then maybe you will change your mind. ;)
Sweet! Love it already! I'll have a mostly mint driver side black sport seat available in the coming months. Which side of UT are you on?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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