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Okay, I have sat lurking long enough. It has been almost a year since I picked up my 1990 CQ in Lago Blue. And just recently, I sold my Golf VR6 (4-door) to force myself to dedicate myself to this car. I've spent countless hours reading posts and searching threads here... and guess what, I still am not 100% on what to do for a motor swap! But that's gonna be almost the last thing I do... I think.

The CQ: 150k with minor problems, I am slowly fixing...

Plan of Attack

-- Suspension = I got a set of KW Coilovers on the way, already have S2 hubs, and Bilzcat got my brakes covered. I am still on the fence about poly everywhere, somewhere or no where. My subframes are rusted so I bought another rear (thanks Josh) to media blast and repaint. As for a good ARB.. I am all ears.

-- Exterior = I hate the NA bumpers, I want S2s. I have a CF hood and am planning on buying RS2 lights, other than that I am just hoping to repaint the car including the CF hood.

-- Motor right now : 20vt>4.2l V8... but it always changes, I do want to shoot for the 500hp mark. I am confident of pulling that off.. where there is a paycheck there is a way.

-- Interior I am 6'8" so i want to modify the seating arrangement to fit my frame better... plus a custom retrim, but that will be last.

I like how backloaded this build was
  1. Buy Audi CQ
  2. Let Audi CQ sit
  3. Start a magazine at the beginnning of a post-print journalism time.
  4. Eventually pivot that whole thing into a viral video with some shoe guy who drove the Gumball and got the rally itch.
  5. Construct an entire global media automotive empire with said shoe guy driver
  6. Cleverly find a way to integrate Audi into empire.
  7. Let Audi money finish the fucking thing in like a week
I mean... fucking well played, sir. Well fucking played.

ROI - 10,000x%

"I built this media empire so I could get my Audi fixed up!" - Brian Scotto (probably)

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Nice looking CQ.

You're starting from a great point. Car's body looks pretty correct without taking any close up looks at it.

I have lago blue like yours but my body is beat to shit.
I'm pretty sure someone is lying and that someone knows the full story. ... approached the house she cut the headlights and The Body in The Blue lAke 157.
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