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Broken thermostat? Running engine for 'first' time

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Hey Guys,

Probably a newbie question, but I just gotta be certain lest I risk overheating the engine. I just reinstalled the head on my car and am letting it idle so it gets up to temperature and the coolant run through the system. The problem is that the coolant has yet to run through so I'm thinking I may have a stuck thermostat.

Coolant reading in the head got up to 103c, but the reading on the dash was near 120c (third tick) and still no drop in the coolant reservoir indicating that the thermostat has still not opened. How high should the temp get before the thermostat opens? Bently says its supposed to open at 87c, maybe I'm just missing a procedural step? Help! TIA
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Did you fill the engine up with coolant via the water manifold? If you think there is a problem with the thermostat remove it and test it in boiling water.
No, I filled it through the reservoir. Is filling via the manifold the proper way? Not sure if the thermostat is bad, what a pain to take it out. Was working fine before the swap.
Yes you need to fill the block with coolant too otherwise you'll have a lot of air trapped in there.
Thanks a bunch, Austin. I didn't do that the very first time I installed the engine and didn't have an issue, but I'll give this a try. Can't wait to get off work :)
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