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Buying stuff off of overseas ebay.

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So. Looking at some stuff over on eBay across the pond. Interested in anyone here's dabbling with stuff bought on there. Horror stories? Good stories? Lemme hear em all.
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I've made several purchases from Germany and the UK.... Just make sure they will ship quickly with insurance and tracking if need be...or else it may end up lost in the mail BTDT...they shipped at no extra cost to me, but my purchase ended up getting here 1.5 months after I bought it.

Nothing really bad to say....if it's off of Ebay....and pay with've got nothing to lose are covered.
Living where I do I have no choice but to buy from overseas. Have had stuff come from the us, uk, eu, japan and china with no issues what so ever
How you guys normally ask for shipping? Mail? FedEx? UPS?
I have ordered many things from Germany, and te UK. Most of the time the seller will make the decision on who to ship with. I have had many come through DHL, and most loc postal organizations. Irregardless, most will end up being delivered by USPS.
It took 2 months to receive a harness I bought from Anything I've purchased from the UK has come to my door surprisingly promptly.
All ive noticed is that FEDEX is faster that PS and PS is faster than UPS.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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