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Can I flip exhaust manifolds on 3.6 V8?

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Can I just flip my manifolds over so the exit is up and forward? I will be attaching turbo to them and I have the most room in the front corners of the engine bay if its possibly I would like to use the stock manifolds, even if they aren't the best.
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From looking at some photos of them on German Ebay it looks like the manifolds can be rotated 180 degrees.
You can NOT rotate them 180 same side.
You can swap side to side, to get front down out. Only talking about bolting to head. I have no idea regarding clearance to frame rails
If I were to flip manifolds on a 32V, I would do it with ABZ manifolds. That way you'll have the outlet pointing nearly straight forward instead of 90* like the PT/ABH. I forgot to check this when I had the manifolds off my car. I did check on my 40V and the bracket for the power steering/AC comp is in the way. You might run into the same problem with the alternator mount on a 32V.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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