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CHEAP! B5 A4 16s for sale

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Best offer I just need them gone. Two tires are shot but hold air and ride fine. Drove this car from Rhode island to Maine with them no issues. Really don't have the space and I'm sure someone can use them for winter wheels, as is and replace two tires, or make a car a roller, or have as spares. Located in Portsmouth, NH.

Seriously best offer come get them or maybe even trade for something of value to me and you may have laying around. HP2s? 7a valve cover? Random 3b stuff? Seriously just need them gone." onclick=";return false;
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What are you looking for in the 3B department? Need anything for your 200's? A set of Hellas?
Don't really need anything to be honest if something came across that interested me I'd scoop it up. A nice diverter valve? Better (2.5 or adjustable) pressure transducer for the ecu? Some "custom" 3 inch downpipe? V8 tails? Hellas would work too like I said not really picky. Just want to see them go to good use.
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