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Coil wires with constant voltage, no spark

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What car is this on?
yeh sorry, 7a, i am not sure about the 12.xx voltage off 2 and 3. i have been dealing with this for a while, long story short, i have gone between 2 dist, and switched out the speed and crank sensors.

i have a new coil unit. the voltage test, i just did from the 3 wire connector, actually passed according to the manual. at this point, i have no spark with a wire hooked up right to the coil output and a plug sitting on top of the engine. im starting to wonder about the new coil?
crank trigger pins?
relevant question, the car runs great when started cold. it would not run without that.

all of this is happening when the car is warm. all my cold start tests are good. i have had it idle for 30 min. turn it off, wait 3 or so minutes and it is dead until it cools off, yet the coil is producing no spark warm, and it is new
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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