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cold air intake for 7A CQ?

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Anyone know if there is one out there? I know I see them on pics at times, but wasn't sure if people were Adapting a kit for another car or what. I can't seem to find one specific to the CQ. What have people done in the past to get a cone filter on the MAF? I can probably fab my own heat shield/box for it, but if one exists already, then hey that's easier, right?
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you should ask Nick. he had one on his 90 and won't be using it anymore. I'm sure he'd let it go for a fair price.
People just make their own, I don't think there is a 'kit'. I think I have the heatshield/cone filter box from my coupe when it was 7a powered. I'll look tonight.
I made my own cone filter to MAF adapter. Not using it anymore. PM if interested.
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