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Compatability of 90Q sedan/CQ coilovers

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I happened upon a decent condition coupe quattro for sale at a decent price with (what he says) is a couple year old set of coilovers from 2bennet. I prefer the looks of my sedan over the coupe, plus I've already got the engine in my sedan to a decent place, and my interior is immaculate. I was thinking of buying the coupe, swapping the suspensions of the two cars, fixing up a few things on the coupe, and re-selling the coupe. My car currently has H&R springs with some new KYB struts, but would like something a little more stiff and a lot more low. Is it possible to swap? I am assuming it is not a straight-forward unbolt from one car and bolt to the other with no problems kind of job, because everything I see online lists all rear suspension components as different parts for the coupe vs the sedan. I have rather limited fabrication skills. Famous last words: How hard could it be?

Link to the car for sale: ... pe-Quattro" onclick=";return false;
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99% sure they're the same
Depends on what year 90...B4 has a different rear suspension than CQ. CQ is B4 front and B3 rear.
Both my sedan and the coupe for sale are 1990's
direct swap. no issues. suspension style is the same. (get some new hardware and replace wear items)
there are differences depending on year.

some have smaller bolts thru the spindle thru the strut housing, some have larger.

some (early 90Q and 10v maybe?) have one pc rear spindle/hub/strut assemblies, some have 2 pc just like the front.

and spindle/housings are different as well, with splines size and count, and offset of hubs, and bearing size, etc. and even ball joint size as well, with some.

need years of both cars to better determine if they are a DIRECT BOLT ON SWAP or not. but they CAN be swapped for sure with some work even if there are differences.
speeding-g60 said:
need years of both cars to better determine if they are a DIRECT BOLT ON SWAP or not. but they CAN be swapped for sure with some work even if there are differences.
He said a couple of posts up that they are both 1990's

However, he didn't state if the 90q is a 20v or 10v. If the sedan is 10v, then it's not a direct swap. Keep in mind the 20v cars have larger bearings than the 10v cars. Then you're looking at swapping front axles and (I think) front trans output flanges, and the Coupe has a wider track than a 10v sedan and slightly different offset.
The sedan is a 1990 20vQ, with a build date of 10/89

The coupe is a 1990 20V(obviously)Q, I emailed the guy to see if he could get me the VIN and/or build date

As frosty suggested, I would be replacing all of the strut mounts and some of the other bushings, so if there is a different part(s) that would make this swap work more effectively (or at all) let me know.

Like I said, my fabrication capability is close to zero for this. I'm comfortable with making stuff for the interior/exterior, but I don't trust any of my skills enough to be put to use on suspension components. So what if something I made or modified for the interior/exterior/engine falls off or doesn't work or blows up or is ugly or doesn't last, but if something in the suspension I made breaks while on the road I could potentially loose control and hit other people, and that is something I wouldn't be able to easily forgive myself for.
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Well, it looks like you're in for a pretty simple swap. Undo the swaybar links and pop the tierod ends out, unbolt the knuckles from the strut housing, unbolt the strut assembly from the top and swap. Pretty much the same for the rear minus the swaybar links.

Mounts and bushings are all the same between the two cars.
they never made 1990 90 10v's fyi aaron, changed for that model year.
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