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Cooling problem?

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I just replaced the MFTS on the 200.

Before the temp would sit right around the 90C bold mark and fluctuate from there up to the next one. Old sensor had horribly corroded connectors and was leaking some sort of glue around the pins also.

Put new MFTS in and now the temp gauge sits at around the mark with the two dots.

Is this something to worry about? Seems odd. Guessing I have air in the system probably? I did bleed it at least I thought. Anyone know how the bentley says to bleed the cooling system?

I should mention this is with just sitting at an idle speed.
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Hmmm.... system is bled so I'm guessing the MFTS has a bad temp gauge sender or something...
Put the old part in and works great minus the pin that goes to the AC control. Just spliced the AC and Autocheck into one connector since it is a switch inside that grounds out to send the signal at 120C.

Now the f***ing parts store that I got it at is being retarded and saying that they can't take back a part once it's installed even if it's faulty. And I'm not going to spend the money to go through the manufacturer. Very lame.
What parts store?
It's called Big Wheel Auto Parts. It's a franchise of Parts Plus.
Wow.... Barely got the guy to agree to let me exchange the part to see if in rare chance I got a faulty part... "I guess I could let you exchange it ONE time but after that you're on your own".
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