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Coupe Quattro Radio Antenna Seal

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So... I'm putting the car together and when I dig through the parts I only find antenna seals that are dry and cracking.

Who has a source for the antenna seal/gasket kit or, worse case scenario, a replacement amplified base with seal/gasket.

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yodasfro said:
Might fit? ... 0644159546" onclick=";return false;
maybe, then again, maybe not?

Anyone else?
varia said:
its $6.........
it's purchased, but doesn't mean it's correct. Chinese replica parts aren't exactly so high in the quality, fit, or finish department.
So yeah... The $6 seal still hasn't come and I'm beginning to think I received a good [email protected] on that, but I found the solution.

Another seller on eBay, actually in Jersey City, NJ, has OEM Hirschman amplified antennas listed for $68 shipped... The whole thing; mast, base, seal, o-rings, lock nut, wire, etc.! So with my base being kind of chalky and my seal bad, I bought it!
So the $6 eBay gasket came and is too big, came with bolt style valve stem caps as a gift (the Chinese are great!) and yeah the OEM antenna... Came as a nice complete kit, but the profile is totally different, as in it sticks up more rather then slopes back.

Anyone have an idea!?!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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