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CQ S2 RS2 swap Q's

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hello everyone! i have 1990 CQ and im looking to do S2/RS2 conversion. Im looking at just buying a urs4 and and using the engine/ trans. spindles,hubs maybe struts and housings. what i need to know is if that is a direct swap if not what else would i need?? thanks!!!
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start reading the project topic, plenty of answer there
ya i have been havnt quite found what im looking for but ill keep at it.
from what i gather so far, the struts and hubs should be a direct swap from the urs4 to the CQ please correct me if im wrong anyone! the CQ is my daily but i have an opportunity to buy a complete running low mile 93 s4 and i was planning on just gradually doing the swap over time. Ive only owned the CQ for a few months and its my first audi so this is all new to me. I have a lot of JDM experience but new to ze germans lol. I gotta say tho in the few months since ive gotten into the audis i may never go back! i absolutely love em! just looking for some guidance thanks!
what's your location? Maybe a geeker is near you and can give you some face to face knowledge.

i wouldn't break a perfecty good urs4 just for the motor and stuff. there's plenty of motors hanging around that people aren't using. snag one of those.

for suspension, most common is springs and some new bilstein struts or something name brand. You can go the extra mile and custom make some coilovers using the stock strut housing (cut off seat, weld smaller seat and sleeve, buy springs and hat.

urs4 front hubs have to be machined to fit the cq if you want to do a 5x112 swap. the rears don't swap over directly. then you have to figure out some kind of brake set up, most common is the porsche big reds by using rs2/apikol/034 carriers.

there is a ton of information on this site, just have to dig for it. Read read read read read read. then ask.

also if your coupe is your daily, there's a lot of downtime for doing upgrades such as suspension, brakes, let alone engine swaps. You have another car to drive in the meantime?
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im in north Georgia, north of Atlanta. the urs4 im looking at has a lot of body issues thats why id strip it. Cost is another reason, it seems to be much cheaper then sourcing the parts individually. I do have a truck so having it out for some upgrades is no big deal but my truck gets about 10mpgs diesel and the coupe is about 24mpg and WAY more fun to drive! But thanks again i need all the info i can find. ive spent the weekend on here so far looking thru threads. I guess im just getting antsy seeing all these gorgeous conversions I want mine!
If you buy the URs4 you can take the engine and part out the rest of the car and possibly make your money back. To do the swap the easiest thing for you to do is going to be running a standalone ECU and wiring, since splicing in the AAN harness is a pita from what I hear.

The easiest engine to swap in would be the 3b from the 91 200 20vq since it is what they used in the early S2 cq. The harness splices in fairly easy and only a few things require changes. Also, the AAN manifold would need to be modified to keep the stock cq cooling setup and whatnot. I dont know exact specifics between the swaps but there is so much information on them here on MG. Search through the threads, you will definitely find your answers.

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ya there is tons of info just takes time to sort through it. I think i'm going ahead with the urs4 purchase, its got very very low miles and its a bargain. when i get started i will certainly start a project page. Thanks for all the input!
tfried87 said:
ya there is tons of info just takes time to sort through it. I think i'm going ahead with the urs4 purchase, its got very very low miles and its a bargain. when i get started i will certainly start a project page. Thanks for all the input!
I have an original S-2 Airbox and intercooler with cross member that I won't be needing any more if your interested. Parts that you will absolutely need if you want OEM fitment.

yes!!! i need one for sure! i will pm u for details.
Struts are not a direct swap. Mance bbsk
thanks. what about the upper housing? the arm where the tie rod links to the housing is slightly bent( on my CQ) making it impossible for me to get a good alignment, and has my steering wheel turned about 15 degrees when the car is going strait. Id really just like to do a 5 lug sawp all the way around while im in there, unless theres a cheap easy fix... any suggestions what my best route would be?? Oh i almost forgot, there is a '95 90q at a local junkyard, would that work?
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