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Crystal ball needed: Future R8 pricing

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Okay, forgive the stupid topic, but my knees need a break from laying flooring and I've been thinking about this one for about 5 years.

Historically, Audis (and all cars) drop in price pretty well as they get older. For example:
1990 V8, $55k new, $1-4k now
1995 S6, $50k new, $5-10k now
2001 S8, $78k new, $10-15k now
2003 RS6, $86k new, $20-30k now
2007 RS4, $76k new, $30-40k now

So far, R8s seem to be holding their value better than a normal Audi. So what do people think, are we going to see $20k R8s with 150k miles for sale in the future?
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It's a "supercar" so probably never unless it's salvaged.
its not a supercar

awesome yes, even super, yes

supercar, um no, if it is a supercar, its the slowest of them all

v12tdi r8, that'd be a supercar
yeah.... no.

Oldest Gallardo is still 100k for one that doesn't need $40,000 worth of work. That's your yardstick.
OMG I was going to post the exact same damn thing!!!

I was thinking along the same lines; it may come down a lot but it will still be a pricey little bitch. I don't think it will hold the value like the older lambos do/did though. Even though the price is close, it's not like an S8 that cost $80 in 2002 now you can buy one for under $20k...the R8 is too icony even if some people don't consider it a supah cah lol.
The 996 Turbo is a ~10 year old, $150k supercar. The values on those have bottomed out around $35-40k.

I think it will end up like the NSX where the high mileage ones arent worth a damn and the minty or good condition ones will sit around 40k and then go back up in price as they become more vintage/collectible/rare.

I think audi will end up replacing the model just like the urQ and Coupe Quattro. It might have similar styling and power but the name will change, and when that happens the R8 will be a car of yesteryear and the prices will plummet.

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The audi Sport Quattro S1 priced at a staggering 203,850 German Marks in 1984.

You find one under 60.000 Euro today and you are very lucky
If the r8 fit into the existing range of vehicles i would say yea no problem getting them cheap, but they are in a separate field all together, being a mid engine sportscar. But who knows, maybe 10 years from now you could get a 4.2 v8, r8 for cheap. but look what happened with the sport quattro...

I would say you could probably get the v8 version down the road for relatively cheap considering it is not anywhere near the range-topping v10, now a v10 with the track package? ugh idk. Kind of like how a base model '00 a4 is worth like 1,500 and an s4 of the same year is triple that.
Yeah but in regard to the R8 versus the sport quattro, they're making ALOT more R8's than sports...

I highly doubt you'll see a v8 R8 anywhere near 20,000 usd anytime soon

I was thinking about this exact same topic a few months ago. Dreamin
The only thing we have going for us is the shitty transmission single clutch transmission in the original R8. They replaced/are replacing it with a proper dual clutch transmission. So I would expect the earlier years to take a dip in price, but in the end it is still an R8.
very true, they have made alot more r8,v8,autos than they have sport quattro's total. but who wants a base model r8 auto besides the wannabe rich guys wife? I mean, Id take one but my philosophy has always been, buy the premium trim package or dont buy one at all.
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