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Customer service help.

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Looking to get feedback about a situation I find myself in. During a black friday sale 2 years ago I got the email and looked through 034's site and ended up buying the spherical rear tie rods for my coupe (at the time I couldn't find anybody that had the regular ones in stock). I didn't need them at that time, I bought them for when I needed to maintenance my rear suspension. Well a month ago I ended up rebuilding my rear suspension and after reassembly It was quite obvious that the rear tie rods were too long and left me with extreme toe in in the rear. Contacted 034 by phone and was told to send pictures and the receipt which I promptly did, and heard nothing back.....after more calls and email servers "not working" was still getting no where. Finally after talking to new people I started getting somewhere and now they want me to buy the right length parts? So after expressing my feelings about how I purchased these as they are supposed to fit my car they now want more money to make them "really" fit my car. I asked why not swap that arms I have for the correct ones....and now back to not hearing from them. So here I am with a summer car and it's been sitting on jack stands for a month. How would you guys handle this? Not looking to start troubles but I don't want to order new ones and piss away the money I have spent on these. Thanks.
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That sucks to hear. I was actually just looking at the spherical tie rods for my CQ. The past few years, 034s service has really dropped off. Don't expect them to go above and beyond, like they used to for customers, let alone 'good customers' who spend several thousand a year. The amount of money you spend there won't grant you better service. Saying the 'server is down' must be their go-to excuse when they don't respond to you. I was told that last year. In my mind, if the parts you paid for are defective or aren't what they were advertised as, then they owe you the correct parts, no charge. At most they will make you pay to ship their defective parts back, but even having to pay that would not seem fair.
I would be weary if I was receiving emails all day involving "issues" as well. Not to knock your opinion but think of how many crazy complaints those guys, or any supplier/shop gets on a daily basis. It would scare the crap out of me. But I know what you mean...

I work at a business where if something is incorrect or not top quality, we take the customers word for it, no questions asked and immediately pay return shipping or just tell em to keep it. Its as easy as issuing a call tag. But then again the things we sell have an extreme markup so we can afford this. We're also not shipping bulk items.

Idk, i love these guys and what they've done with this forum and their products are second to none, its just too bad that everyone makes mistakes once in awhile.
Hopefully you will get a response from a rep on here to resolve the issue.
resnick is in shipping now, iirc
Trust me I understand errors happen and to tell you the truth I'm not necessarily pissed off but just frustrated that what should be a simple exchange of parts needs to take a month of "we are looking into it". I find it funny that the whole watercooled VW/early Audi used to be such a awesome industry and now it's hard to find reputable suppliers. It's not even a old car thing because I have plenty of aircooled suppliers that still know what it's like to take care of their customers. I'll be hard pressed to buy more parts from them after this.
Send me your order info please.
There you go!

newt said:
Send me your order info please.
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