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Does anyone have contact information about this URQ?

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It was listed up on Chicago CL a month ago apparently so I'm assuming it's still for sale. The ad expired though so I cannot get a email. I know the for sale ads posted here are old.

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I PMed them both on here but their last login dates don't look too promising for a response.

Email, phone number, anything would be appreciated. Thank you.
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the owner had posted on quattroworld iirc... might be worth a search there for an email addy, etc.
Didn't see it on there just checked.
I got your email, thanks! My dad will give you a call either tonight or tomorrow.
I had the opportunity to drive Steve's car while I was passing through Chicago last year. That is one nice UrQ, and as far as I'm concerned, well worth the asking price. I'm actually pretty surprised it hasn't sold yet to be honest...
That must have been very recent, Martin. I spoke with Steve about a month ago and he still had it then. Also, from the sounds of his son's response up above, it would seem that he still has it now.
Sorry, wrong Steve's Ur... disregard my previous post.
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