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Drive by Wire>>Drive By Cable conversion?

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Searched here, vortex and google but CANNOT find anything to help me out here. So I am contemplating a v8 swap into a b3 chassis, the v8 I am specifically looking at is a Drive by wire motor from a D2 A8, and obviously the B3 is Drive by cable. Has anyone that has done the V8 swaps had to tackle this part? I was hoping to make this swap as OEM as possible but it seems like I may just have to pickup VEMS or MS to run it.

Specific engine I am looking at is ScubaDaves 40v AKB from an 01 A8
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would a uk b4 80 tdi drive by wire throttle not work?
seriously? just swap over the's a joke to do - I converted my old MK4 from DBC to DBW in less than one hour...get ahold of a pedal, bend up some sheet metal for a mount and weld in place - done! certainly a lot easier and cheaper than stand alone EM...
Swapping over to cable throttle body means essentially a new engine management system. Installing an electronic pedal and wiring is not a big job.

If you still think it an issue then use an earlier V8 from a pre 1999 audi A8 or V8.
Dan (40v4kq) made an adapter for DBC TB for his 40V swap with VEMS. I plan on doing the same for my S8 motor. Not sure what TB he used though, it's probably in his build thread.
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