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Right, so I have been dreading pulling the heater box of my 200 but its really hot and the blower motor get flakier the hotter the weather. Ugh.

So, after a year of just pushing the floppy upper motor brush holder around and having it run for shorter and shorter time periods.... I determined that the problem is really that the brush spring is too weak. So, I carefully used needle nose pliers to CAREFULLY pinch the top of the brush holder CAREFULLY together so that the tunnel for the spring became narrower and thus, compressed the spring a bit.

Result: full blast, non flaky a/c blowing throughout a 95 degree day both sitting in traffic (when it ALWAYS conks out) and full speed on the freeway, going around tight corners (always conks out :p).


I take NO responsibility for you trashing your blower motor by doing this. I specifically implore you to NOT to what I just described, etc. and so forth. Lawsuits will be met with counter-suit for theft of intellectual property and a midget will be fedexed to your place of work where he'll kick you in the testicles when you least expect it and everybody is watching. The end.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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