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Everything is for sale, and it sorta sucks.

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The upside is that I bought a '12 Sportwagen TDI, and I love it, and will be heading to California with my new wife, on a new life adventure.

The bad, I'm selling off everything, since my house hasn't sold...

The house: ... l-vt-05032

With Garage and workshop!

The Jeep CJ-6

• 258ci Inline 6 cylinder, Weber progressive 2 bbl, a little over 30,000 original miles
• T14 Transmission mated to DANA 20 Transfer case
• DANA 44 rear axle, DANA 30 front
• 104" Wheelbase
• All Fiberglass Body - Bestop Tiger top w/ soft doors
• New Suspension
• New exhaust system W/ Flowmaster 40 series
• 11" Drum Brakes, all new brake lines, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, fully rebuilt
• 33" BFG MTs on Rockcrawler Rims (plus spare) (as new)
• Much, much more

Previous owner spent 18 months meticulously rebuilding this Jeep, it is ready to hit the trails. I have continued his work with the addition of a heater, carb, front axle rebuild, additional items.

Jeep was originally a camp jeep, left to sit and rot away at a hunting camp. Bought and restored by PO - full tear down to bare frame, POR15'ed everything, and rebuilt from ground up. Fiberglass body installed, turned into driver quality/ trail ready.

I purchased after PO had for 10 years, he only put about 6k miles on in those 10 years.

Installed new windshield frame (correct) and wipers. All lights work, and is registered, inspected, and regularly driven. Many spares also.

$9800 OBO

The Bus:

I bought the bus from Florida, and had it shipped to Vermont. My sister has a '73 type 181 Thing, and has for about 15 years... the shop that does all of her service work is a great couple of guys, that I met on January when down for a visit. I chatted with the owner of the shop, and told him if he ever came across a bus, I'd be interested. About 2 weeks later, I had a call from him, saying that he'd found a bus, but it had a seized motor, but had good bones.

I made a deal with him to build and install the 1914cc motor, with dual spanish webers. I also wanted upgraded braking, so he installed the wide five disc conversion from ( ... _2025.html ). It's a really nice kit- well engineered and it works great.

I also wanted to upgrade the tires (weather checked) so I found the best 14" load rated tires money could buy - now in a discontinued size, so hard to find - the BFGoodrich All-Terrains in 185/75/14.

Mechanically, the bus has been gone over, and is tiptop, although I do have a torn CV boot right now. It runs great/ starts reliably, and pulls hard, even on my mountainous commute. It's really impressive. I have been working on the rest of the restoration - interior (sun visors, seat foam/upholstery, retractable belts) and I paid buku bucks for rear bumper brackets from England, as well as a used rear bumper I found at a swap meet in Lakeland, FL.

I have a pile of spares (clutch cables/ parts/ springs), etc as well as the John Muir book, and the Bentley Manual.

I would be driving her across the usa if I didn't have to get our other 2 cars, and the few items we'll be taking with us... If my house sold before the bus did, I'd likely reconsider.

I only have a few pictures here in my office, but can send or take more at home this evening.

I'm happy to answer any specifics, as she's an honest solid driver, with nothing to hide. Her worst offense is a little floor rust in the front, but not bad at all...

Making deals for Geekers...

Email me direct for any more info you may want...


[email protected]
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Hey Tim, is the 250 going with you?

The black 4kq is still kicking (barely hahah), and about to get a heart transplant and a lift pretty soon.

Best of luck in the future!
The xr went to live with a buddy in the NEK. He loves it!
House under contract

Jeep sold

Make offers on bus
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