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I have an Audi 40v AVP V8 from the D2 S8, that I'm mating to a Porsche G87-21 6-speed transaxle. The car is a mid-engine build, an original design. The engine was originally mated to the S8's automatic transmission. The flywheel on the AVP has the 8-bolt pattern. The ring gear is 287mm (perhaps ±1mm), 135 teeth.

I'm looking for a single-mass flywheel for this setup. I know there are some companies that can make them to order, but I'm ideally looking for something inexpensive, off the shelf, that I can get started with cheaply to test the fit etc.

I'm also not concerned with differences in timing marks - I'll be running a custom ECU, so having compatible timing marks is not a consideration.

From a few other threads here (1, 2), I understand that some of the V6 models (perhaps the 30v?) have flywheels that are compatible, but I have a feeling there are more options available.

Does anyone know precisely which car / engine combinations have compatible flywheels with this 8-bolt pattern and the same ring gear diameter? Or rather, perhaps I should break it down into two questions:
1. Does anyone know which manual Audi models used the 8-bolt flywheel pattern? If anyone has a partial list, or even a list of models that definitely don't, any of that info would be really handy.
2. Does anyone know if there was more than one ring gear size in use for the 8-bolt pattern?

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