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FREE 91 Lago Blue 200 20v for parts or complete

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Thinking about purchasing something so trying to cut down on my projects.

Build thread for it.

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No engine. Rest of car is complete (minus engine harness, ecu, sunroof, and maybe some other small things I pulled).

236,000. Ran the car for a couple weeks before it was pulled apart.

Couple spots of surface rust, some rot by the windshield area. Good for parts or put a good engine in it and drive it.

The engine built from this car will be going into my other 200 if this sells and is not available, sorry.

$FREE for the complete car

Act fast it's getting scraped early this week probably by Tuesday!
Located in Portsmouth, NH.
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Any offers?

Trade for 200, 3b, b5, or 4.2 40v parts also.
Bump. Now parting the complete car. No interest as a whole.
How much for the engine wiring harness?

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Bump now free with a title and bill of sale.
whats left?
Everything that you don't see listed in the first post. Engine harness ecu sunroof some other small things I used on my other car. Probably going to take the UFO housings for modding if no one wants te shell.
How's the exhaust system? Straight and solid? (unlike mine!) Need from cats back, no need to ship I can pick up.
Gone. Tossed it and took the cats. About to change the exhaust on the one I drive if you want it. As long as you don't need it ASAP. Ill sell it for 100 or free and ill cut the cats off.
Buuuuump going to make arrangements tomorrow to get her out of here!
Sure wish you were closer.
someone save this lol
Bummer could use a good lago hood.
Eh it's got a small dent by the grill in the center and the clear is peeling by the lines going back. If you want I can pull it and give it to you next time I go to ct

And I wish you two were closer too I don't wanna just junk it. Honestly it can be put back together as a car if wanted.
Yeah that doesn't sound much better than what I've got already. Sucks you gotta get rid of it. I'd at least pull the tranny if you haven't already.
I havent but I am. And I found someone to take this finally on Thursday (buddy of mine who lets me use his shop). Sooooo that means I get to pull my ufo housings for modding for HP2s and coilovers with no downtime on my daily 200. Stoked about that.

SO yeah thursday is the last day for parts I'll pull what you want and I can meet people somewhere between Maine and CT/NY to give them the parts. Let me know by this evening or tomorrow at the latest.
Last day. Pulled the tranny, loosened up the front suspension pieces (won't pull until it is on the trailer), and pulled random switches.

If anyone needs the parts I pulled let me know. Including two whole sets of stock 15" BBS wheels with tires, let me know.

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Could totally use another set of BBS 20v's....

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