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up for sale is my 1990 audi coupe quattro.

asking price: $2500 OBO
I purchased the car about two years ago, and have used it as a daily driver.
mileage is about 248,000 (the odometer did not work when I first purchased it, but since has been fixed)

List of Upgrades/Maintenance that has been done since I purchased the car
timing belt and water pump
fuel filter
b4 hood swap
034 injectors
front and rear ball joints
strut mounts
brand new radiator
both front cv axles
complete tie rods
rear control arm bushings
coolant temp sensor

List of Items Needing Attention
_rough idle-I believe that it is a vacuum leak. I have not been able to find it.
_clutch pedal-the pedal does not come up all the way, potential clutch spring (have part)
_radiator fan-doesn't turn on at low setting, currently bypassed to be on high setting all the time (have a replacement fan)
_e-brake is not functional
_windshield is cracked
_rear cv boot-torn (have part)
_after letting the car sit for about a week and a half, the battery was dead. not sure if there is something draining the batter. but when I was driving it daily there was no issues.

All gauges work, the light lever is broken, but you can still turn the lights on. The paint has the typical pearl fading. I also have other parts come with the car, including a set of 17s wheels that needs new tires. Overall this car is in good shape and I wish I had the time and funds to finish this project, but can't right now.

This is a basic overview of the car's condition and contact me with more details in regards to the condition of the car and other information.

Here is the link to the project thread.


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This still for sale?
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