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Syracuse, NY

Looking to part with the pride of my V8 collection to another enthusiast, as my hobby time has sharply decreased since having a family. Current NY registration and inspection. Included a couple older photos, one where it's clean and has the BBK installed. Dirty at the moment from my lack of free time...

PM me here, or email directly at [email protected]

-Intended Acceleration (IA) ECU
-ECS Porsche BBK (currently OFF vehicle, but included with sale)
-Euro lights with plug-and-play relayed harness, clear turns, clear sides
-BBS Design 5000 wheels
-Bilstein shocks
-Reconditioned heads by Jerry at Northwest Connecting Rod (2015)
-Scorpion exhaust
-Trailer hitch
-Interior swap from Travertine to Black
-Aftermarket radio

...and I have LOTS of parts. And a factory 5-speed parts car.

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I Love your V8....Every Day since I sold Mine I have Regretted it.
If you were Closer and not on the Wrong side of the Border She would be in my Driveway.
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