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FS: 1993 Black/Black S4 carbon

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As title says selling a 93 s4 with carbon fiber trim. Car has 200,xxx miles. Exterior is OK maybe a 7/10, some dings but no clear coat oxidation or scratches. Interior is almost mint 8.5/10, seats bolsters have no tears or rips at all. Obviously the car isnt perfect. Its a 20 year old Audi... but 100% stock. I just bought the car off a long time member on here but unfortunately I lost my job and am forced to get rid of it. I had some plans to make her near perfect and eventually make it go fast but priorities have taken over.

The trans has some sort of bearing noise. It is pretty noisy but shifts fine. The previous owned has owned this car for like 7 years and drove it like that for a couple years before he parked it in storage. I had plans of throwing my 6-speed in it so I didn't worry when I bought it. I have been driving the car daily for a month now with no issues. The noise isn't a grinding one, more of a whining, but seems loudest when clutch is out.

Car will come with stock 17" avus wheels, battery not included.
My names Jeremy, Im best reached by text. 734-eight one nine-8959. Feel free to ask any questions.
Im looking for 3500 obo. Entertain me...

More pictures soon, or upon request.


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Me too...
me three!
Anyone know that the noise is from?
yea honestly i think it is the throw out bearing... but either way eventually the trans will need to be split.
Why am I always broke.
Me too...
me three!
Me Quattro!
soab i bought the wrong car.
Selling it would really help a guy out right now ;)
All around solid car with some very minor paintless dent removal on the dings, and a little buffing the rust free body would be great and with an easily matched black touch up on minor stone chips in front, it would be one of those very fine, original examples of a desirable color combo Scar....just sayin
Nice looking car.....

been looking for a Quattro....

No promises...but it's definitely on the'm in Lansing :D

ill even throw in the wheels cause i want to get rid of it.. although one is a spare because i cracked one on some railroad tracks. Has a spare on it at the moment.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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