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FS: 7a Camshafts

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I don't want to do this... I tried not to... my 3b wants these, but I cannot afford to keep them right now, so here goes-

7A Cams for sale! Came out of a CQ, never any top end noise, bearing surfaces look good. As mentioned above I was getting ready to swap these into my 3b.

Price is $150 plus shipping, or you can come pick them up. PM me for pictures
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You have PM.
Still have these? If so, I would like to have them shipped to 80021.

Thank you
If the 7a cams are for sale could you let me know cost with shipping to 92037, willing to pay more.
Sorry guys, I picked em up last night.

Thanks Tom!
Yep, as stated above, sold! Thanks for looking.
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