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FS: Audi S2 goodies

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Up for sale I have a 034 Motorsports turbo silicone hose $170 free shipping. Audi S2 airbox in excellent condition asking $200 not including shipping. Audi S2 cross member and intercooler also in excellent condition $350 obo not including shipping. 3b exhaust manifold with no cracks new flex piping and rebuilt waste gate make an offer.

Happy hunting.
Cheers all :wink: ... sort=3&o=1 ... sort=3&o=5 ... sort=3&o=8 ... sort=3&o=7 ... ort=3&o=11 ... ort=3&o=10 ... sort=3&o=9
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im definitely in need of the intercooler and bracket along with the airbox. I just have to work up some additional funds. a bit tapped about after my urs4 purchase and pick up. but hopefully i can take those of your hands here pretty shortly!
Still have s2 intercooler and cross pipe? I am interested
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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