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Up for sale is my setup from my Audi. Parts will be listed below with prices. Lowball all you want, I'm in no rush whatsoever to sell so the worst you'll get is a...nope. Motor is in perfect running condition. Made 648hp/508tq a few years back on a mustang dyno. Car has gone a best of [email protected] on 255 BFG KDW2 tires, and my quite terrible driving skills.

I won't sell the head off the block, I won't sell internal parts separately.

Turbo kit is custom made for a b3 or b4 Audi chassis, and I would like to sell it as a "kit" but I will part pieces out depending on what it is. The kit will be

Tubular exhaust manifold
Intake manifold
Front bumper support bracket, inter cooler bracket, radiator bracket
Aluminum radiator with 14" electric fan
Vibrant 850 intercooler with vanjen clamps welded to it
3" intercooler piping, all connections vanjen clamps
75mm BBK throttle body
-8 fuel rail
MIGHT INCLUDE PRECISION 6765 T4 .81a/r, PM for details...will not sell that separately.

Prices will be below. Would make a deal if someone wanted the motor with the turbo setup and all to drop right into an Audi b3/b4 engine bay. I even toss in the motor mount on the passenger side and transmission mounts for an 01e swap if that were the case.


Turbo Kit
Custom Tubular Exhaust Manifold
Custom Intake Manifold AEB head
Intercooler piping for kit with VANJen clamps
Vibrant Performance 850 Core with VANJen clamps
75mm BBK Throttle Body
Turbo Kit will bolt into B3/B4 chassis with 1.8t 20v Swap
Vibrant Performance Vac Distribution Block
Distribution Block comes with 1/4 Push To Connect Fittings
TurboSmart ProGate 50mm
TurboSmart Race Port BOV


06A Block bored to 83.5mm
Scat Rods/ARP rod bolts
Calico coated rod bearings +.001
JE Pistons, Coated Skirts, Tool Steel Wrist Pins
AEG crank with Pinned Timing gear
Calico Coated Main Bearings +.001
All new seals, oil pump, chain,
Oil pump gear bolts tack welded in place
Integrated Engineering Manual Timing belt kit
ARP main studs
ARP head studs
Timing trigger bolts tack welded in place

Cylinder Head
AEB casting, stock port size
CAT 3652 steel cams, hydraulic lifters
Brand New OE lifters
Supertech Intake Valves
Supertech Exhaust Valves Single Groove Keepers
Brand New Cam Chain Tensioner and Chain
Supertech valve springs and retainers
New valve guides
Brand New timing belt cam gear
Tack welded cam chain gears
New Cam Gear bolt
AGN valve cover with 2 -10an bungs


-8an fuel rail with welded bungs
Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator $100
ID 2kCC injectors $800

Send PM with any questions, thanks for looking.

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oh SNAP!!!! bdcoombs style YOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

sorry, i had to do it.

those parts went out today, BTW. $12 shipping i think it was.

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It may be cuzz I havn't eaten lunch yet, but I"m drooling right now. Literally drooling. :drool:
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