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FS: B4 Manual HVAC Setup (Lowered price)

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I have the complete HVAC setup I pulled from a 96 Cabriolet with 96K miles.

I am asking $80 plus actual shipping for the airbox, dash controls, and part of car wiring harness. Airbox will not include the A/C Evaporator or blower motor.

The third picture shows how there is still good foam on the flap doors.


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I know someone out there wants to "upgrade" to manual climate controls.
MMmmmmm I totally don't have the money to keep spending, but I really want that for my 90 CQ when I re-do the interior. Can you look into shipping to Fall City, WA 98024? Thanks
I sent you a PM with some questions.
No one wants to convert to manual HVAC controls?
Here are pictures of the hvac control panel that is included in the sale.


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Pm sent .
I have replied to all PMs.
How about $80 + Shipping?
Need this gone. It's a Big box that takes up a lot of room.
Lots of interest, but no buyers.
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