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FS: built 2.0L 20v with AEB head

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06A Block bored to 83.5mm
Scat Rods/ARP rod bolts
Custom Big Bore Cometic Head Gasket
Calico coated rod bearings +.001
83.5mm JE Pistons, Coated Skirts, Tool Steel Wrist Pins
AEG crank with Pinned Timing belt gear
Calico Coated Main Bearings +.001
All new seals, oil pump, chain,
Oil pump gear bolts tack welded in place
Integrated Engineering Manual Timing belt kit
ARP main studs
ARP head studs
Timing trigger bolts tack welded in place

Cylinder Head
AEB casting, stock port size
CAT 3652 steel cams
Brand New OE lifters
Supertech Intake Valves
Supertech Exhaust Valves Single Groove Keepers
Supertech valve springs and retainers
New valve guides
Brand New Cam Chain Tensioner and Chain
Brand New timing belt cam gear
Tack welded cam chain gears
New Cam Gear bolt
New Cam gear
AGN valve cover with 2 -10an bungs



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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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