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Carbon Fiber Manual Climate Control Plate: $50
Imported from out of the US. Cost over $70 without shipping. Brand new never installed. Save on shipping and overall price.

AAN ABY ADU Timing Belt Cover, PN 054 109 123B: $40
Used, all clip points in tact. Small chip on edge.

Charcoal Canister with Mounting Bracket: $40
Taken out of 7A CQ. May fit other vehicles.

Tail Lights: REDUCED $150
Excellent condition. No cracks, not even at the keyhole. All studs in tack. Perfect as a spare. Out of the four CQ I have owned and even the tail light replacements that I had to purchase for them this set is the best condition I have seen.

Interior Switches, Dash Buttons and Quattro Badge
4X Seat heater switches. Brand new bulbs soldered in and verified functioning: $20/ea (All SOLD)
2X Rear fog lights: $10/ea (1 SOLD, 1 left)
2X front fog lights: $10/ea (All SOLD)
1X Antilock: SOLD
1X Diff diagram/switch: SOLD
1X Side view mirror switch: $15/ea
1X Quattro Badge: (SOLD)

22mm, 3/4" Silicone Hose and 1" Couplers: $10/ea
3X 2.5"L x 1" Dia SS coupler.
1X 22mm Dia 90 degree silicone hose (Legs are 4"x4").
1X 3/4" Dia 45 degree silicone hose (Legs are 4"x4").

3"L x 2.75" Dia Silicone Hose and 2.5"L x 2.75" Dia SS Coupler: $15/ea
2.75" Dia silicone hose and coupler. SS Coupler with rolled edges to maintain sealing interface. Brand new never used.

7A/3B AAN Cam Gear w/Bolt & Washer, Crank Cog Gear w Bolt
Factory 7A/3B Cam Gear, PN 034 109 111: $50
AAN Cam Gear with chipped keyway, PN 034 109 105. Comes with brand new factory woodruff key for repair: SOLD
7A/3B/AAN Crank Cog, PN 034 105 263A w/ Bolt: SOLD

Driver Seat Electronics Module and Harness: $20
Removed from CQ, but may fit other vehicles. Comes with relay and 3 memory rotary sensors.

Misc Parts: $25

OEM CQ Front Mud Flaps: $50 + shipping - SOLD
Blauparts Headlight Wiring Harness: $40 + shipping - SOLD
Fuel Pump: $100 + shipping- SOLD
AAN Airbox Heatshield: $10 + shipping - SOLD
3- Spoke Sport Euro Steering Wheel: $200 - SOLD
Euro ABY Crankcase Breather System: $75 - SOLD
2.75" or 3" Tight Radius Cobra Head Intake Hose and Filter: $50 - SOLD
7A/AAN Thermostat and Water Pump O-Rings: $1/ea - SOLD
3B Heatshield: $10 - SOLD
Cruise Control Pump, PN 811 907 325: $10 - SOLD
Rear Parcel Shelf Trim: $20/pair - SOLD
6 Speed Knob: $50 -SOLD
sm, med, lg radiator shrouds: $50 - SOLD
MAF: $50 - SOLD
AAN Cam Gear Sold: $50 - SOLD
Seat base - SOLD
Crank Cog - SOLD

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would you sell the passenger taillight seperate?

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I'll take the AAN cam gear
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