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I have come to the realization that I need the space more than I need parts off my old 93 UrS4.
The car had ~142K miles on it when it was taken off the road.

I have the following list of AAN / UrS4 parts for sale;
Intake manifold
turbo oil supply line
turbo oil return line
turbo water return? line (attaches to freeze plug nipple)
connector cover (unbroken 1 locking pin missing)
engine harness
turbo heat shield
fuel rail with injectors (has feed lines / 142K on oem injectors)
radiator fan resistor
timing belt tensioner bracket
idle air controller
downpipe (oem)
fan shroud (plastic frame for mechanical fan)
electric fan with shroud
alternator (w 142K miles)
starter (w 142K miles)
water manifold
harmonic balancer
034 timing cog (0 miles, but has been installed for several years)
coil upgrade harness with coils (no name setup I bought many years ago and never used)
front calipers (from southern car)
unbroken gas pedal
grille (with rings / no UrS badge)
flywheel (was resurfaced and never used / timing pin on back replaced / has surface rust)
tail light (several sedan and avant outers and nice set of inners)

Asking fair market value for parts.

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inner tail lights?

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MAtkisson said:
Yes, I still have a set of inner tail lights.
Thanks for the pics. Any cracks that you can see in them? How much are you asking ?
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