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FS misc b3 90q NG parts and some AAN parts

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Buyer covers shipping and I am willing to negotiate prices as on some of these items I am not sure what they are worth. TIA and send me a PM with any questions

NG ECU's 75$:

stock AAN coils also have to sets of POS sensors (not pictured), 50$ and 30$ respectively:

stock AAN turbo inlet hose 40$:

stock AAN turbo lines 50$:

stock front b3 90q brakes, less than 1k miles on pads and rotors 100$:

NG flywheel 25$:

AAN intercooler, just the core as one end tank was cut for my set up 20$

front b3 90q suspension with tie rods 40$:

b3 90q control arms with front control arms that link to sway 50$:

Ng alternator 20$:

NG intake boot 15$:

NG upper intake and TB 40$:

NG head without cam or lifters 20$:

NG whatever?:
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Willing to sell just the turbo oil drain line?
Has anyone heard back from him?
Front control arms and sway sold. Sry, I thought my account was linked to my email still.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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