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Guys, I think everyone has seen the threads about 2.2 Turbo engine piggyback or, in other words, trying to get some cheap extra horsepower from 2.2T MC, MC2 engines.
And major point was that the simplest way to gain extra HP is to raise boost to about 1.0 Bar (2 Bar absolute).

BUT, you have to make sure the engine will get enough fuel supplied.
They suggested solution was to increase the CIS fuel pressure and adjust the control pressure (in WUR) accordingly.
Also, to increase the N7 duty cycle to 90% via new mapping in ECU chip (possible only in MC2).

Seems like everyone missed another opportunity - to increase total maximum flow of CIS distributor. Our MC1, MC2 fuel dizzys are adjustable with
total fuel flow output limited to 180 ml / min. What, I think, can work as another opportunity to richen-up the system, is to adjust the max. flow.

Would appreciate your opinion about that.
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