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fuel injector maintance diy

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im looking for a fuel injector diy for my 94 URS4. trying to figure out a hard start issue and i figured i try this. i want to replace my injector seals and clean my injectors as well. i want to do it on my own but when it comes to fueling it worries me a bit, id rather not fuck shit up. any one have a diy or a link to one?

Thanks guys, and sorry if this has been covered a million times.

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So I've found out how to jet the rail off . Yay me. Just wondering when I replace the orings on injectors should I lube the orings or leave them dry? 4/ 5 injectors are leaking from the orings
Lightly lube the orings with motor oil.
Thanks Austin. What the best was to clean them as well? Can I soak the tip in some carb cleaner or it that a bad idea?
Search youtube for DIY fuel injector cleaning.
One example
The car is my DD so sending them out won't be a option. I'll just replace the orings for now. Car seems to be running top notch
Kenny I have spare stock injectors if you want to send yours out.

I tried to remove the fuel rail and injectors today. I removed the black cover then un hooked all elec connections anx the vac line off the fpr. Removed the retaining clips from rail to injectors ( missing one ) then i removed the 2 allen bolts holding the rail to the mani. When i pulled up it would not come out. It seemed loose cause i could wiggle the rail.

Am i missing something here ? I dont want to break anthing i just need to replace the o rings here lol.

Thanks guys.

Ps yes i pulled fuse 17 piror to doing any work.
Ok...will do lol.

How hard should one have to pull though? I was pulling pretty hard and no go. Any tricks guys?
I carefully used a breaker bar on the valve cover against the under side of the fuel rail for leverage but that was on the.3B..
yodasfro said:
Search youtube for DIY fuel injector cleaning.
One example
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does the can of carb cleaner provide enough pressure for the injectors to work? or should they fire if there is just unpressurized fuel in a similar setup?
The injector is being triggered by a battery while cleaning it with carb cleaner.
Ill give the 2x4 a go and see if that works. Fuel injector the leaky one and 2-5 are following suit. Ill tackle that this week since im missing a retaining clip which ill need to pick up.
Ok so i got in there and finally got the rail and injectors out. What i found was narly.

I cleaned them off best i can and got most of the gunk out of the injector holes. Replaced all orings and lubed them up a bit.
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Has anyone had issues with stock injectors not sitting properly in the fuel rail. FI 5-4-3-2 all fit property and have the retaining clips. But FI 1 I can't seem to fit the retaining clip on. The fuel rail seems to be sitting about 2mm higher on that injector and I think it's leaking from between the fuel rail and the injector.

Has anyone ever had this issue? What's the best way to fix this? Do I bent the mounting plate/ bracket a bit ?

I'll post a pic tomorrow so you have a reference,

Thanks again guys.
LMK how the spare rail and injectors work out. Be sure to swap over the new o-rings, just because.
Yeah. I'd invest in getting some injectors that aren't that rusty.
No rust buddy's, that's sand and dirt built up on the injectors. There much better now I should have taken before and after
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