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GT3071R Kit From 034. Any Reviews, Will I be pumped??

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Just purchased this kit from 034. Turbo, Chips and all. I'm currently running full RS2 Equipment on my URS6 Avant with 116K Miles. Thought I'd bump it up a little with this kit. Does anyone run this and are you fired up that you got it? Any comparisons to the RS2 equipment? I want someone to say that this kit will smoke the hell out of the RS2 Stuff so that I feel I made a great decision.
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it is faster but it does not have the bottom end of the rs2 stuff. I kinda think that the chip holds the turbo back just when the turbo wants to have fun. I have driven one at 26 psi and it was nice. I think the 034 chip is 23ish.
the guy's first chip ran pretty poorly, but they sent him a second and the second one seemed pretty good. we vagcom ed his chip under boost and the ign timing numbers looked non developed for some reason. iirc once it got into boost a bit they stayed at 13ish, did not go down with boost increase, and did not go up with rpm increase. That part I did not like.
the guy went to vems shortly after and says he is happy. that turbo choice is pretty nice for an all arounder.
I had 2871 with 034 dedicated was running too rich
Even i used 4bar fpr instead of 5bar fpr.i also expereiced some hard
Start issue when hot i'm with much happy with it.
I have the GT3071r kit on my URS4 along with there chip, fueling, 7a cams and an 034 Turbo back exhaust. I love it! It pulls hard on the top end but a dog below 3500rpm. The install was pretty straight forward but i was unable to use the coolant return line from the turbo to the block. The steel braided line would not go over the nipple on the block. I would also get some fireproof heat shielding for the 4 oil and coolant lines going in and out of the turbo... Or at least carry a fire extinguisher because it gets hot as he'll around those lines! I'm hoping I can get to 034 sometime this year for them to tune it and see if I can get any more power out of it. I'm sure there's some more power to be had even on stock internals.
I purchased this kit a few years ago. I ran it with 7a cams and an FMIC. For me, the software was terrible. I live at high altitude, and this could've been part of the culprit. My wrench spent a while on the phone with Nate going back and forth for a retune. After that, it was much better, but still not quite right. I went to VEMS after that and things were much better. The kit itself is fine. I didn't have any problems with getting the coolant feed line over the nipple on the block, though it was a bear to get on there. You might check the link below for an option to the coolant return line where you keep the coolant/vacuum hard line combo that runs behind the timing cover. That's a better option IMHO.
I wasn't terribly impressed with it on my buddy's urs4.
Had an rs2 manifold, 3" exhaust, 3071, and the 3071 tuning.
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