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help (yoda maybe) bose gamma cc head unit....

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does not turn on 99% of time but sometimes when you turn it on and keep turning like you want full volume, it comes on...too loudly. this must be common and someone must know what is going on.
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Volume/power on the fritz I've read contact cleaner to replacing the potentiometer. Google bose volume knob fix. more ideas
I took mine apart, desoldered the potentiometer, dissasembled the potentiometer. In there is a yoke shaped contact thingy that I bent to give better contact. Put it all back together and it is still working fine after several months. However the first time I put it back together I screwed it up and broke one side of the yoke thingy off and I had to jumper a couple of solder traces that I broke. Kind of alot of work.

Maybe find a good unit thats missing the code and just scavenge the potentiometer.
anyone know how to get to the potentiometer? I lack glasses and do not want to do something dumb that breaks something. btdt?
pry off the top and bottom covers on the head unit. To get the faceplate off you have to pull the volume knob off (that is the hard part) and unplug some wiring connectors.
poked the pot assembly out - now what do I need to do to find the trouble and fix it (without this breaking stuff)? thanks


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and where are my soldering guns? oh crap
You have to desolder those 4 wires off the little circuit board. you have to dissassemble rhe entire potentiometer to get to the yoke contactor thingy. To do that you have to desolder several other connections to free up the individual components of the pot . Then jyou have to bend a couple of tabs on the back side to get the little plate off in order to take it apart.
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