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How to beat the heat?

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My car has no AC and it is hot. Unbearable on a 100degree day. Tonight I'm driving my coupe down to Waterfest in NJ, and I know what to expect. I know it isn't exactly death valley but I've driven this car down there before and with no AC, driving is no fun. So the question is; what is everyone doing to keep cool in your cars with AC systems removed? Rolling down the windows works a little while I'm moving, but what about being in bumper to bumper traffic for hours?
I've seen the T shirts that flow water thru them, and if I could find one tonight before I hit the road I will grab one.
Are there any electric AC units that are compact and simple enough to run in my car? Even a good fan will help. Pretty much even when I'm cruising its hot, and I have to use my arm out the window to channel in some fresh air. I've thought about a simple(possibly ghetto) vent window to channel air in. What else? This has been brought up before I'm sure. If all else fails, I will keep cool with several ice packs, towels kept in a cooler. and of course I'll be drinking plenty of water!
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Anything you can get that's moisture wicking and breathable will help loads on a longer drive. Hit up your local walmart and spend $8 on one of the cheap moisture wicking tshirts. Breathable/moisture wicking socks and nice, open shoes (anything with lots of open mesh, running shoes do the trick usually) goes a long way too, at least for me. Hanes even has a new product line of "X-Temp" stuff. Underwear, socks, undershirts/plain white T's. Spendy though. The underwear do help a bit. If you can make most of the drive after dark, that will help tremendously too. Keep both windows open. If it's not just blowing hot air, even just having your fan on can help.
trailer the car and blast the AC in the tow rig? :-D

I've thought about the how to stay cool in a boiling hot car issue before, in my case its while tuning in the shop, temperatures get pretty nasty. I'm thinking I might keep a portable AC unit with a ducted blower into the cabin. Doesn't exactly help for a car that is moving though.

I'm leaving for WF later today, see you down there.
My next project for the 200 is to reintroduce AC haha
^ Thats what I was thinking. Not very likely for me at this point as my AC stuff is loooong gone. Thankfully I just got off the phone with Uhaul and I booked a car hauler for the weekend :woowoo: See y'all there!
Yea mine too.. managed to keep the old compressor as a core though so that will help. Need to figure out what to do about the condenser since the stock 200 one won't fit anymore...

Wish I was going, enjoy!


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^ that
I bet it gets ice cold in there tho 8) I dont think I'll have enough time to engineer something of that level before tonight.
Golden91CQ said:
I bet it gets ice cold in there tho 8) I dont think I'll have enough time to engineer something of that level before tonight.
one "*******" method that does work and is a bit less impractical than the picture above is to take one of those disposable coolers, fill it with ice, cut a circular hole in the top and run a 6" dryer duct into it with a 12v duct fan inline to the hose. should be several hours worth of nice cool air.
i think installed factory ac is the best bet or just do it. Sucks for sure, BTDT. drove shirtless from missouri to vermont because it was so damn hot. Sweet sunburn on my left side.
I fill big gulps with just ice. Then hold it in my lap and keep it topped off with water and drink it pretty often. It works when stuck in traffic. Luckily people drink disgusting amounts of soda so there are giant cups everywhere basically the size of your torso.
Get a small ice chest with ice and little water. Stick two small towels in it. Take one out, put it around you head, held with an adjustable strap or large rubber band(I used to use old car inner tubes cut in sections). When the 1st one is no longer cold, exchange with 2nd one, and continue. My Dad lived in the desert, and I was always going to the Colorado River when I was young. This always worked great.

Put a beach towel on your seat with two of the tales wrapped around the head rest posts, and the headrest pushed down to hold the towel. Keeps you from sweating down your back, your butt and legs. I use that now.

Do both these things, and you will be pretty comfortable.

Greg W.
Or just bite the bullet and get some sort of AC installed in the car.
Bring one of those snap towels and a bottle of water. Wet every 30min or so and put it around your neck while you drive and it should keep you cool ... facetInfo=" onclick=";return false;
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