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How to remove 90q center diff with trans in car

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Does anyone have pictures and or advice on how to remove the center diff on a 93 90q with the trans still in the car?
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Unbolt the tail housing.
Yes. There are further steps to remove the actual diff from the housing once you have it on the bench.
I see. Ill do some more searching.
Is it difficult to remove from the housing?
Not if you have the proper tools.
I am searching but if you dont mind could you explain in more detail what is needed? Thanks for your help.
pull driveline. unbolt the housing. pull off. sometimes the diff stays in the trans and you pull it out. sometimes it comes out with the housing, and you pull it out. slides in and out. be careful of the shims inside on the output end.

also, the flange removal is what i think requires special tools, not the diff proper.
Awesome! Thanks alot! It is out and welded now.
While we're on the subject, what fluid do you guys recommend I put in the trans?
wow thats a lot of weld :) mine has just an inch or a little more on three sides on the worm gears only, and holds my 800+ AWHP and drag launches, etc just fine.

i run Motul Gear Competition in mine, but thats because it is recommended by the manufacturer of my dog box.

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For a street driven car Motul gear 300 or factory G50
how about just a aluminum spool in there, loose about 10 lbs off the drive-line...
I use Syncromesh FM in my 01Es and regular Syncromesh in my 01As and my gf's 012.
i have been trying to get ahold of this mystery spool for 4 years or so now. found the guy who makes them in Hungary, and still couldnt get my hands on one.
It's all back together now... And it's amazing!
Why you welding the centre diff?For permanent transfer?
he did it for the RWD action....
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