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Identify some simple 20 valve brackets Quattro Coupe

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I am trying to identify 3 small brackets for the 20 valve motor. There is also 1 spring. The motor is re assembled however the engine was disassembled for 6 months. I am down to these small parts. The car runs and drives without them.

The front end is currently off. It is possible some may be part of the front bumper assembly. There are pictures attached. Maybe someone worked on a specific area of their car and saw any of these recently? Thanks


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1st is an exhaust bracket spring probably goes with it but the spring looks a lot like the one for the oil pump pressure relief valve see link for pic ... ure_relief
I'd only be concerned if the oil temp sensor was removed?
2nd is the breather pipe bracket
3rd is the battery hold down bracket.
ok thanks, in reverse order.

the battery hold down one will be easy to re install.

with the exhaust bracket, i had the headers disconnected and pushed off to the side. the aluminum heat shield that goes around the headers was removed prior to the head. does this bracket have anything to do with that assembly? maybe i missed it when putting the covers back on?

i dont recall removing that sensor. Is it the one on the bottom of the oil pan, near the front, near the oil filter? otherwise, i dont know the location off top of my head.

the breather pipe bracket? which breather pipe? the rubber is gone on the bottom.

thanks for your time.
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ok forget the breather pipe location, it is the one, way in the back. nice having a full scale reference once you said breather.
Bracket for the exhaust would mount off the tranny arm mount on the pass. side there are actually two of those metal straps and spring likely goes with. The oil temp sensor is at the front of the engine like you mention on the oil pump.
i didnt take the sending unit out. the spring has no oil on it.

is this something you would access under the car? if it is way back there with the head assembly, under the cover, i am going to have a very hard time getting to it. them using a spring, i could believe.

i cant get the broken part of the breather bracket off the pipe, rubber is gone, trying to get the remnants off, almost impossible to get anything back there.
Like I said the spring likely goes with the exhaust mount.
could the top one be for securing the 7a intake manifold to the head (two required of those). looks just like it although I do remember there being one like that under the car, in the down pipe area, I think.
pkw said:
could the top one be for securing the 7a intake manifold to the head (two required of those).
Yes it could depending on the thicknesses of it. Thicker = intake support thinner = exhaust support strap.
these are close observations. i had close to 8 mons between assembly. luck, this was all that was missing. it is a thick piece. if it is the one from the intake to some head bolt, would that be rather a disaster to install with the intake installed? i really do like to keep stuff stock but there are limits.

the one bracket from the crank case breather tube is impossible to get to with the intake on. the reason the rubber portion may have ripped the first time; and dry rot. there is no room behind the motor.
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