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intercooler & crossmember for CQ with AC/stock bumper

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Aluminum end tanks on IC and main crossmember has built in snub mount pocket. Designed for smooth flow. Everything is 2.5" ion/out. upper crossmember is also included. Used on my CQ at approx 400 hp. fit behind STOCK CQ grill and bumper. have to delete center hood latch but I kept my original side hold downs and just made a handle for each to pop hood. saves you the cost of upgraded, s2/rs2 front end and all the lighting and paint hassle. Most if not all of the original 5mph bumper travel before hard part contact.
Asking $350
local pick-up preffered but will ship.


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make an offer. I do not want this to go to waste. someone needs this and maybe does not even know it. this is NOT a CHINESE IC
Bump for a clean setup!

I wish I had the extra funds! This would be perfect for the setup I have put together!
I kinda forgot about this. Anyone?
Is this made for a front mounted throttle body intake manifold?
not unless the throttle body is on the pass. side.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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