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Hey guys!!! I only learned from a friend "Dean16v" that this was the place to be when speaking cars, and finding the right people for your problems, along with unloading some awesome Audi/VW parts etc.

I just wanted to take a moment before I blew up the classified section to introduce myself and chat a little bit about what I do..

I have 25+ years experience in the auto sound/video industry, working on custom enclosures, audiophile builds, and just plan OEM upgrades. I have recently started my own side business trying to get back into the industry after about 2 years of rest after closing our family business of 32 years. So here I am..

On top of building all the fun sound systems etc, I am in the mix of parting some rides and making sure the "Gold" that is still out finds its way back to its intended task. (Keep an eye out in classifieds)

If there is anything I can help with on any topics related to what I do.. Please ask I would be happy to get some action. (Haha "some action")

That is all... Carry on

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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