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Is there an advantage for SEMS on N/A setup?

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I asked a nearly opposite question a few years ago, but now I've been looking at Dan's 40-valve V8 project here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=44431

He's using VEMS on an N/A setup and it seems like a lot of time tuning spent just to get back to what the stock ECU can already do fine. Is there any advantage to a aftermarket ECU setup for the average guy who doesn't want to spend 1000 hours on the dyno if no turbos are planned for the future?

These cars had CAN networks and the ECU talks to to the HVAC, ABS, cluster, and such using CAN, so I don't actually know if the ECU can be made to run in a car without those things (although 034 can remove immobilizer and the automatic transmission stuff). If the ECU cannot be made to work independently of those other systems, then I can see why SEMS would be necessary, but I was under the impression that removal of the immobilizer and automatic transmission routines in the ECU would allow the V8 to operate in older cars, kit cars, and such.

But the main question is this: should I reasonably expect SEMS to produce a better-than-OEM tune with just an average amount of time spent on the dyno?
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no. best case is really close. thing is that the last 10 percent takes 90 percent of the effort.
oh, sem can probably give you 10 more hp because it is not pulling through a maf.
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