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Hey guys, having an issue with my 3b Swapped Coupe as of this morning.

Drove it about 30 minutes to the Vet to get some pills for my pup and it seemed to be getting a boost / spark cut (Knock Sensors??) under heavy load at around 24-25psi of boost. Felt like the ignition was cutting, not detonation or knocking could be heard, it would just fall flat on its face... felt like a knock sensor doing its job...

Parked the car at the vet for 10 minutes and then when I left I was getting the same thing, but this time under mild load, starting at 10-12psi. Driving fine under light load, under 10psi of boost, once the foot goes down as soon as the needle on the boost gauge reads above 10psi it would start feeling like it was getting an ignition cut...

Pulled the plugs when I got home, they are WHITE... which leads me to believe it is running too lean.

Car is Matt20v old car, stock turbo, bunch of RS2 bits and a IA Stage IV tune...

Wondering where I should begin looking, not sure if the plugs are within spec, or when they were changed last. Was on my list of things to do in the near future. But I don't think plugs would give me this cut. Distributer / rotor taking a dump? Fuel Issue? Car Doesn't have a fuel Pressure gauge....

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