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Kuma's parts for sale- PRICE DROP

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URS6 Speedo cluster with 230,000 miles ish. pixels still work and in very very nice shape.
120$ shipped

Brand new rear Boge struts NIB 100$ shipped

One pair of new Boge brand automatic rear shocks, part number 32-124-0.
This fits FWD:
Audi 5000 1984 - 1988
Audi 200 1989 - 1991
Audi 100 1989 - 1991

NICE grill not cracked or broken- 25$ plus shipping.
thermostat housing 10vt (MC2)- 50$ SHIPPED

REALLY nice (still has Latex powder on it) Michelin Man hose- 55$ shipped

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v8 tail lights. PM me for some datails please!
Rebuilt head, has new intake valves or exhaust valves. I forgot, one or the other. New valve guides and seals and injector bungs.
250 shipped

100/200/late 5000 speedo cluster.

so far as i know its in good working order.

50$ plus shipping

Middle console in black 50$ shipped

rebuilt power steering pump 65$ shipped

i have another one that is not rebuilt that i know of. 35 $ shipped

Rubber MC2 Igloo no tears or rips, in GREAT shape- 55$ shipped

Also have 2 sets of 10vt Head Bolts BRAND NEW. 25$ shipped for each set.

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short block is gone, but i have the MC2 pistons and rods, oil pan, oil sucker upper thingy, crank, intake manifolds X2 and some other stuff.

ask if i have stuff, if i dont ill let you know.
Kuma said:
oil sucker upper thingy
This.... This rite here!!! Thugin!!!!
Ronald G Wainwright+ said:
Kuma said:
oil sucker upper thingy
This.... This rite here!!! Thugin!!!!
lol, for lack of a better term!
Do you still have the cluster?
If it all works what are you looking for shipped to 01469? The odometer and trip died in mine and its driving me nuts.
i am not positive if it is fully functional. as far as i know, it still does.

previous owner of the car said it works fine.

i will take 65$ shipped
Kuma, My pal that bought my '89 wagon wants the cylinder head.

Does it come with a cam, followers, etc.? I assume it is a turbo head from an MC engine? (Not that it REALLY matters)

It's flat and doesn't need any machine work?

I'll confirm that the power steering pump is the same then I'll probably just Paypal you for both and you can ship them together too.
the head is complete.

sure thing!!!


you got my email, hit me up
oh, and yeah its fresh, been redecked and just hasnt been installed.
Cluster is sold
Head is pending, green tag power steering pump is pending

the rebuilt PS pump is sold.
10vT head and green label pump SOLD.

Kuma, you should have payment.
still some parts left over.

hit me up, ill look to see if i have the part or parts.
from the dead bump.
PM sent about gauge cluster!

Also does anyone know if the UrS cluster will work in a 200??
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