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Kyle's 1984 Audi 4kq turbo swap!

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It's been about a year since i bought, stripped, and sold the 86 5kqt i bought for the turbo parts, and then bought the Alpine White 1984 Audi 4kq. Since then it's been sitting in my driveway with no engine, no brakes, and a shot slave and clutch master cylinder. I got the "Red Harness' Routed into the cab. but have yet to find the stock 4kq wiring that runs over to the drivers side that needs to be ripped out.

So it needs:
Clutch bolted to trans (new clutch in transit to be delivered sat)
Slave and Clutch MC changed (have both brand new)
Engine bolted to trans/mounts.
Wiring figured out (AHHHHHHH!? :( )
Brakes rebuilt/replaced.
Fuel Pump.
And more wiring.
Oh and possibly a wheel bearing. (Bought from a friend, sat for 5 years, can't remember)

I really REALLY need some help though. Wiring has never been my best ability and most of it confuses me. mostly the kostal, and the wiring for the battery relocation.

As soon as the clutch gets here i'm going to work on starting to get the slave out new one in, then the engine.
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I guess i could upload some pics to show you what im working with. Yes its rough!!
Love at first.... sight? Two flats and a bunch of moss and dirt! Yep. :)

After swapping out the back tires for some BBS Audi wheels with some Leman's something or another tires, i was rolling home!

one power window works, the sunroof works, and the rear roll downs work. I washed it for the first time.

And just last night, i pulled it out away from pictured wall and de-beed it and gave it its first wash in about a year! Time to start wrenching it back together.
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you can polish a turd, love the trash to treasure story so far
YES, my heart is heavy knowing another old car has been saved from the hands of a scrap junkie.... or a swamp.
Honestly, i can say that a scrapper drove down our road and offered 200$... they left their number since i was gone. i called them when i got back. They told me 200$ i laughed and said "what, for scrap? i could get that my self! i thought maybe you wanted the car to keep" and hung up. 200$ pffffft. This car is far from trash.... interior is very nice. it was swapped from an 85 or something i was told. and the exterior just has dents and surface rust. But i still love it. I'm way past geting rid of it now!
LOVE me some alpine white early b2!

Let me know if you need any early specific parts or a hand wrenching!
I would love some help! I know most of what to do. But not everything. And no one likes a project alone.

It needs a fEw trim pieces bit that will wait s while.
Kyle94 said:
I would love some help! I know most of what to do. But not everything. And no one likes a project alone.

It needs a fEw trim pieces bit that will wait s while.
Im down in Portland, and Kelso is around the corner ;)

What kind of setup are you planning on doing? My speciality is electrical
I'm doing the turbo swap from I think it was an 86 Quattro cs. After I get the clutch and put the engine in. All that's left is connecting things and wiring. And I need to buy a fuel pump and get a brake mc. After that I think it's good to go. Goal is before the summer. Haha.

Oh. And stock setup. Probably run sans Intercooler till I can afford to get one.
Well the clutch is here! :)

Forgot that i may have to get my flywheel resurfaced.. how do i tell? Mine is rusted. But im not sure if its ruined to need a resurfacing?
So i may have to wait till payday to get it resurfaced.
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Just to clarify. You're running the flywheel and clutch from the turbo, right?
Yes, flywheel and clutch from the 5ktq. :)
Well I got that weird funky shaped bent paper clip out of the slave... But I have to work at four. And I need to cut the battery tray out still.
Two days off and i slacked.... hard.. So i'm thinking tomorrow after i get off work at 5, and friday when im off ill day ill work on the battery tray and get the slave out. :)

Does anyone know if there is a specific way to install the flywheel onto the motor? for timing purposes? i haven't looked, it may only go on one way??
It only goes on one way. The bolt bolt pattern won't let you get it clocked wrong and still install all of them.
Cool. I was hoping that was the case... :)

Battery tray out.... now to find something the right size to push the pin out of the slave.... any ideas guys? :/
I also need to bend my tie rod end. I don't want to just buy a new one.... Does anyone ahve measurements for where and how much it needs to be bent to clear the wastegate? My buddy has a press and can do it for me. :)
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